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About Me

I’m an Actor and Voiceover Artist from Newry in Northern Ireland, I’m currently living and working in Liverpool, England.


I’ve been performing in one form or another for about twenty-five years now and getting paid for it for about fifteen.


I’m a lifelong geek and a devoted husband.


I’d love to help bring your next project to fruition be that behind the mic or in front of the camera. 


Have a listen and a look at my reels below.

Voice Reels

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Personal Projects


Experienced in Stage, TV, Voiceover and Corporate Roleplay.

A deep, resonant Northern Irish accent, ‘chocolate wrapped in velvet’.

Comfortable working in a wide range of accents and character voices.

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With Trev you don't just get one great voice.  You get several distinct, colourful voices to choose from. He's friendly, professional and always keen to take feedback, try new directions and make sure he nails the read. 


Nigel Doylerush, Producer, Discovery Channel UK.


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